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Web Design with Webflow:
Live Training with  Projects Portfolio

Instructor-Led Live Training | Practical Oriented | Learn By Doing

  • Build and visually design responsive websites, covering web design concepts such as Grid, Flexbox, Quick Stack, V Flex, H Flex and web elements, as well as custom 2D and 3D interactions and animations without writing a line of code.

  • Utilize Webflow CMS to construct entirely custom websites driven by dynamic content, defining content structure and style for enhanced customization.

  • Leverage the Webflow E-Commerce platform to create visually striking layouts and customize every aspect of your cart and checkout experiences.

  • Explore SEO settings, encompassing the process of launching and managing a website.


  • Design and develop CMS-driven websites tailored for event management and interior design firms.

  • Learn the end-to-end process of building and designing a Webflow Ecommerce store, with comprehensive customization leading to the launch of a fully functional online store.

  • Create compelling campaign landing pages as part of practical projects within the course.

Travel Apps

Essential Resources for Web Designing:

HTML CSS Reference

Understand checkout flows in E-Commerce Website

Project Resources

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